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Slave to my fears, hidden under my skin.
A wasted life, choking on your thorns.
I am your monument of guilt - chased around until I dissolve.
A canvas of scars cursing your name for eternity.

I catch a glimpse of your sharp eyes.
Starring into the debris of my old soul.
I recognize the significant destruction.

You devour every spark that kept me sane.
Reckless you teared apart, every single way.
Once there was no more feeling, not even lights to shine.
Created the reflections of what I am today.

I have to burn your statue down.
Bury myself under its blistering ruins.
Entombed in ashes, I embrace death
And implore him to devastate me.
To free me.

Альбом When The Day Yearns For Light

A Secret Revealed - When The Day Yearns For Light

Дата релиза: 29.10.2021

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A Secret Revealed

Secret Revealed - немецкая пост-металлическая группа из Вюрцбурга.
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