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I used to hate all my dad’s outlaw country bands he’d play me when I was young,
cause they’d lie through their teeth about the lives they lead when all I wanted were honest songs,
but now they’re anthems in the van and we’re screaming them out on highway for good luck
in the bright blistering sun

Runnin’ toward the light
on the shoulder of a dream.
I’m singing in my sleep.
Runnin’ toward the light.
Stagger through the streets.
I sing it in my sleep.

Cream fights through the truck stop coffee here in quiet, purple dawn.
Last night we played another highway bar; for the first time they sang along.
Spray-paint a twenty up on the overpass, like a blood pact with the drifters we’ve become
in the soft, burgeoning sun.

This is for Rosa and Catherine and Mom and Dad.
This is for Robert and Jesse and Thunderbird staff.
I’m gonna make you proud of me.
I’m gonna make you proud of me.
I’m gonna make you proud of me.

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