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Оригинальный текст песни The Time Machine

Oh my mighty machine
I'm going to travel through time
Many things that I will reveal and now I go
I'll come back
I will change the world lulled by time

My goal is clear
The Destiny is mine
The Destiny of men
It seems to fade

My body is here
The human fate
Leaving my friends here
Leaving my love here

I have no regrets
I can prevent the rise of the third Reich, the inquisition, all dictatorships

Artists I'll see
Poets I'll meet
Writers I'll know
Sculptors I'll watch

Erasing all the oppressors
Erasing all the threats
I'm amazed at the sight of Babylon and the Knossos’ palace
Now It's time to change the past,
I will start from the year one A. D

The big fire in Rome, the Great Wall of China
I will save the king from the
hands of Tudor
I‘ll stop the first French empire, and the White Terror
The next to die will be Gavrilo, the assassin of the duke
I've to go back and destroy the machine

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Aevum - Multiverse

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