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Silhouettes cascade upon porcelain extremities
Slipping through the cracks
My spirits torn my body lapsed
What have I done?
Looking for love down the barrel of a loaded gun

Lovers torn asunder
Sleeping beneath a murder of crows
Black as pitch
The rapture since left with you

This can't be happening again

Walk away from me
I'm no good, too far gone
Don't wait for me
Nothing inside worth holding on to
If we're all that we got, then let it rot
Two counterparts barbwire around the hearts

Don't wait for me
Nothing inside worth loving

Cigarette smoke memories
Self-inflicted fantasies
Of you and I in tune but not in time
No love
No love lost

Behind the shattered glass fractures, turning to dust
Framed and picturesque, as it ate away at us

Альбом A Quiet Place to Die

Alpha Wolf - A Quiet Place to Die

Дата релиза: 25.09.2020

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