Текст песни Ancst - Kill Your Inner Cop

Оригинальный текст песни Kill Your Inner Cop

I watch you exploit the rights some dipshit gave to you.
No purpose in life - a job for fools.
You are like cancer, a nasty disease, an unwelcome guest to my slumber party.
I have seen you - violent and cold.
Laughing while killing - cash for murder.
Entitled to pacify, to serve and to protect.
ou are no friend of mine, you are the pest.
Representing fear - the (long) arm of the law.
Who are you behind that mask?
Just a tool for fascist believes?
A sorryexcuse for a man.
They can’t beat us all.
They won’t silence us.
Look into their faces - they are bleak of fear.
Nice and obedient, standing in line - authoritarian mercenaries.
I have no respect for your line of work.
You are traitors to me and to human ideals.
Frontline rats - disposable.
Baton swinging robots.

Альбом Summits Of Despondency

Ancst - Summits Of Despondency

Дата релиза: 18.09.2020

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