Текст песни Ancst - Razed Eden

Оригинальный текст песни Razed Eden

Look to the sky, ichor of heavens
Underneath its burning shroud we are hidden away
Festering wounds, crusted and sore, skywards hives
All these centuries have teached us nothing

Endless domination, this ancient war
Another paradise, crushed in our grasp
Tears of misery, shed in regret
Eternal punishment, desolation

Harvested screams, relentless extinction, this world is dying
Hellspawned putrification, pеrdition alight

Look to the sky, stained pariah, this is as black as it gets
Come dawn, bring us the comfort of sleep, this jaded virtue Strangled in disgrace, purged from the soil, detached from all lively
We are the vermin that pester the lands
We are the bringers of chaos
Risen to shine, constructed to consume, we’re dull and lifeless

Bringers of death proclaiming the end
Gasping for air but all is polluted, collapse is certain
Apostles of hope, alone and helpless
We are forsaken and this is your abyss

Альбом Summits Of Despondency

Ancst - Summits Of Despondency

Дата релиза: 18.09.2020

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