Текст песни Angels & Airwaves - Euphoria

Оригинальный текст песни Euphoria

Hanging on, to a spinning wheel
You’re a broken soul, and a broken girl
got that fire, deep within those eyes
From an atom bomb, when you were only five

Pretty girl, let your inside heal
You abuse yourself, and it’s all you feel
I don’t mind, we’re just playing here
I’m alert this time, like fucking Paul Revere

Burn the house, in a dream I had
With no clothes on, and an evil laugh
Threw the phone, when you lost your shit
With your high heels on, and your red lipstick

Pretty girl, are you home that’s right
Get on your knees, we’re going to play tonight
You like to hunt, with a deathly touch
I can die here now, by euphoria

Oh, your such fool this modern love
Oh, it’s like the wind has killed the dove
Oh, please say it now, we’ve played enough
Lost inside my mind, it’s like a drug

It’s hard to live if you’re hurting
It’s hard live when you’ve always been let down
A little kid and her villain,
She never ran, because she never really knew how

So let the wolves come and rip that bad man down,
you’re in a war but the end is in sight now
The enemy is unguarded
So let the motherfucker know his time’s run out