Текст песни Anneke Van Giersbergen - I Saw A Car

Оригинальный текст песни I Saw A Car

I saw a car a really nice car
and I knew this car was gonna get me far
flaming red runs like a jet
and I don’t get why it isn’t mine yet

oh this car is gonna bring me home

I rely on my fear alone
get by on my pain
I deny that I’m to blame
for you to be down so low

I saw a man a really nice man
and to reel him in I do whatever I can
a smile so bold not exactly old
and I don’t really get why he isn’t mine yet

oh this man is gonna take me home

he’s gonna save me

I saw a bird a beautiful bird
if I could steal its wings I would get what I deserve
I’ll stand my ground high up in the clouds
and escape my responsibilities

I am 100% imperfect
I am 100% alone

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