Текст песни Annisokay - The Cocaines Got Your Tongue

Оригинальный текст песни The Cocaines Got Your Tongue

Now it is party you know it is
And everyones falling in love again
But she fell in love with the drugs
And that’s when it’s stopped being fun

You notice the gear Running low
Well Give me the money I’ll go
You can’t have that shit running out
Cos nobody wants to come down

You’ve started the night and implying it’s
A drink with your friends to unwind a bit
You’re laughing and sharing their wine
You’re all losing track of the time
Then somebody racks up a line
And no you politely decline
Then somehow you’re changing your mind
Maybe I’ll just have a line

Somebody better call frank
But then when Frank arrived
He just got fucked up too
Somebody better call frank
But Frank was talking so much shit
And none of it was true

And you’re flying right now
But your happiness
Is just a loan from the future
And you’re drinking it down
From a fountain of youth
That dries up the future

The cocaine has got your tongue
And you’re gonna pay it back
gonna pay it back someday
The cocaine has got your tongue
Cause you’re only talking so much shit
That never means anything
That never means anything

She’s calling you up on the phone
And why is it taking so long
You’re not really feeling her tone
She’s talking so fast you don’t know
As soon as you’re back in the room
Everyone’s playing their tune
Everyone’s talking at once
Watchin you racking it up

And as the sun is coming up
It’s frank who says to you
What’s the matter now son
Has the cocaine got your tongue

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