Текст песни Arcadea - Infinite End

Оригинальный текст песни Infinite End

he lights go by the black divides the sky
On the edge of disaster in space time
I found a new planet the orbit’s hard to break
Pulled me in and I’ve landed and I’m stranded

I fell into focus
This movement this moment eternal
Vanquish blues and spectral hues
The shape of fate turned inside out
The embryo of all we know is growing exponentially

Slip inside the space between the cosmic sheets
The guided queen on flaming throne
And I alone will neutralize what once was noble

Bend and twist to soon exist
Quite different than the ancient order
Pulled into a void where time will stop

Deep inside my composition no longer lives superstition
Helium and trace amounts of hydrogen and water vapor
Majesty now magnified now I’m the one who’s inside out
Sew and weave a quilted stream then stop

Альбом Arcadea

Arcadea - Arcadea

Дата релиза: 16.06.2017

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