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You need to let me go
My time ends here
Push me away
Into everlasting sleep

Always lashing out
I will break you down
Crushing the heart of my son
With words so sharp

Stay away from me before you sense my misery
Run far away i do not want your company

Pain cuts right through my heart
Ive loved you from the start
But we all fell apart
Its my time to depart

Fooled you all with lies to make it easy for me
This fabricated hate was all part of the plan
I will dig my own grave
And die by my own hands

Tie my neck , hang up the rope
My eyes shut as i hold my brеath
My love, my son, i have given up
I promisе i had tried my best

Let me go

What have you done
Its my fault
How could i have done this to you

Push me away into everlasting sleep

Альбом The Path That Defined Me

As Beings - The Path That Defined Me (EP)

Дата релиза: 10.09.2021

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