Текст песни As I May - Breaking Myself Away

Оригинальный текст песни Breaking Myself Away

I need to break myself away

It's getting harder for me to breathe
"Dead on the inside, lying alive on the outside"
cold blood is running in my veins
"spit it out, spit it out now"
I could try, if I'm ready to fly
I have to change myself, Find out how much is left. Need to step closer to the edge.
One step closer

I know I'm ready to fly
I'm breaking over, breaking over
cut these chains and rise
I'm taking control, taking control
Breaking myself away ( I'm breaking over, breaking over)
This is my way to say (I`m taking control, taking control)

Why am I still here, I'm freezing.
Lips are turning blue, I'm shaking
Cold breath in the morning, inhaling the dust you keep feeding to me
Are this cage and chains just meant for me
"I will shout out loud, there's a way out"
Is there anyone who can set me free
“I don't need to know how, this is the way out”

It's getting harder to breathe. Lips are turning blue.
Try to inhale

You need take a deeper breath, get on your knees and stand up.
It ain't so hard Keep moving. Break your self free
(scream: you need to breath, get on your knees)