Текст песни As Lions And Lambs - No Return

Оригинальный текст песни No Return

In that moment life seemed serene
Until you took away the thing that made me, me
Raped my innocence
Raped my innocence
Stripped of fidelity
Lost sense of reality
Raped my innocence
Raped my innocence
Nothing left to give
Nothing else remains in me
I made you my God
A first and final mistake
I placed my life within your hands
A swift stroke and now I’m exposed from the inside out
Left to rot with all of my self doubt
Hate, pain, fear, rage
Enslaved to your game
Just a victim to your sick satisfactions
I played right into your hand
Hoping to find some comfort from when I left my life behind
With every second that passes me by
The louder the voices tell me I should end my life
Maybe they're right
Maybe they're right
Just let me die
Sinking in the shadows as my mind goes numb
Fingers on the trigger looking down the barrel of a gun
Demons dance around me saying you’ll never be free
And all that I can see is what you did to me
I am numb
I am gone
Nothing can bring me home