Текст песни As Within, So Without - Illuminate

Оригинальный текст песни Illuminate

Every day passes by like the flow of the wind
Reinventing myself just to crumble again
Will the weight of these words
Crash me down in the end
It’s like an earthquake in my mind
The tsunami closes in

Mind over matter
We’re bruised and battered
But In the end
What does it matter to you
I can climb
I can grow
I can do this on my own
You’ll fall back
Get left in the limelight

So watch my waves rise
You can’t block out my shine
No matter how hard you try
With the moon as my guide
I’ll flow straight through the night
I’ll show you that your poison words are your downfall

Tsukuyomi will you show me the way
Guide me through the dark
To my rightful place
In the eyes of izanagi
I’m right in death’s gaze

It’s make or break
Or drown in my mind

These chains will still remain
Locked away in my cage
I will never be the same
Will the thoughts in my mind
Ever be tamed

As the air leaves from my chest
I feel my body begin to numb
As the time stands still around me
Will I ever get back what I lost

Beneath the surface I found desperation
A fear of what lies below
(What Lies below)
As my annihilation
Calls out to desolation

As my heart sinks in
Will I make it out alive

Moon God
Raise my tide
Have my waves crash down
And my storms subside
Grant me passage through the dark
Illuminate my sky