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Оригинальный текст песни The Nameless Elite

Axis Deception
In 1941
‘L’ Detachment
Badlands Runs
Proven Value
Passed the Test
Tough Selection
Recruiting the Best

(only the best)

Short-duration Strikes
Deep Recon
Small-scale Raids
Direct Action
Secretly deployed
Designated Targets
Damaged or Destroyed

Fanatic Enemy
Waging a dirty War
Swiftly Adapting
To combat Terror

Hostage Rescue
Storming hijacked Planes
Passengers safe
Extremists slain
Dismantle and capture
Sniper Techniques

Concealed Project
Highly classified
Only revealed
When Terrorists die
Protectors of Freedom
Next Mission to complete
Unsurpassed Units
The nameless Elite
(Who dares wins)

Альбом Necroceros

Asphyx - Necroceros

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