Текст песни Awaken I Am - Roses

Оригинальный текст песни Roses

Guess I fell asleep in my car again
It's 6am and I'm gripping on a cigarette
I forget, let's blame it on that glass of red
Now fill me in were you into him or just upset?

I tell myself to walk away
And battle with my self-restraint
You shift your head and meet my gaze
And make my blood course through my veins

My head's a mess, when you're in it

Is this fair?
I feel that we're close to the end
With one foot hanging from the edge
We roll over and play pretend
Cause roses don't know when they're dead

Then you looked me in the eye
Said I'll never be the guy
Who can hold a 9 to 5 and I'll never make the time
As usual we fight
Now we're taking off your tights
Guess we'll blame it on that glass of red