Текст песни Awaken - Moment Of Truth

Оригинальный текст песни Moment Of Truth

Would never have dreamed
Hearing your screams
All of your demons living
Listen to me
Fighting to be
A shoulder that carries you into the
Silence your call
Robbing your soul
Gripping the feelings you cannot
Climbing the walls
Inside the halls
A prison that’s taking your lifeAbove the morning light
Beneath the darken skies
There’s a place where time unfoldsThere’s a thought in the wind
That can lead you to heaven
A moment of truth
Takes you out of the well
The dark in your eyes
Is a door to the devil
A moment of truth
Leads you out of this hell

Альбом Out Of The Shadows

Awaken - Out Of The Shadows

Дата релиза: 27.11.2020

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