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There is danger ahead.
But do not be afraid.
For I am with you like breath itself.
Darkness will lead to light - colour will bleed into the night.
Beautiful colours, the like of which you
have never seen. Let the dream of confusion lead you into the virgin light!
Be gone!
Be all-seeing, be brave...
Be gone!


I'm lookin' 'round bewildered
is this some dark and evil jest?
what brought me to this cursed keep
perchance some crazy quest
god forbid I am no coward!
pitted against monster, man or ghost,
I'd wield my blade with crimson gusto
for I'm the proud barbarian host!

[hippie (chorus:)]
hey dude, you're so uncool
but hey, that's allright
like there's no need to get uptight
my eyes reflect the stars
and a smile lights up my face
we're on an amazing flight in space

I shook city, walls and towers
wreaking havoc in the streets
burned palaces of cow'rdly kings
not a one stood up to me
bear bloody banners in blazing skies!
brandish battle-axe and broadsword!
let drums of glory sound like thunder!
hail!! barbaric warlord!!

[hippie (chorus)]

I load my black stallion
With grim determination
I found a kingdom
Where I chose to settle down
Righteous men would hang me
But I've given hell to pay
Cause nothing is as dangerous
As a barbarian warlord




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