Текст песни Balance Breach - Dead End Diaries

Оригинальный текст песни Dead End Diaries

They told: someone said
It’s getting freezing again
The warmth didn’t come here to stay
“You should find yourself a place to stay or the breeze will swipe you away”
This is the time to obey

I left my so called home
And did as they told
I’m not gonna stop this roam
Not until I fold

I can’t stop running, it’s the only thing that keeps me warm
The ground is hard and the air is so cold
Remember me as the one who was not afraid to live
You won't find worries in my dead end diaries

I’ve lost the track again
No matter how far I go, the ground frost will get me
This dead end finally found me

Now I’m back against the wall
Kneeled down, ready to lose it all
Ready to lose it all

No worries in dead end diaries
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