Текст песни Be'lakor - Hidden Window

Оригинальный текст песни Hidden Window

The mountain kept a trove inside
That was known only to the three
Closest friends now that their greed
Had burdened them with things to hide

The entrance was a hidden window
Punctured through a narrow vein
To crawl inside as light would wane
And come to pitch in caves below

In secrecy, they would converge
To split the rocks and mill to dust
Revealing spoils within the crust
From when those peaks had first emerged

Blurred intent through eyes that stung
Their fingers cut upon the slate
While stale air would suffocate
And sap the vigour from their lungs

The taper's flame was just enough
To see each pick from fall to rise
So desperate that they find their prize
Before the wick would finally snuff

But when one paused to heave a breath
Their friend's hand would conceal, it seemed
Which caused a thought had something gleamed?
And trust began to sense its death

What if he knows that I saw?
And what if he decides to strike?
But what if it was nothing more
Than light's deceit and failing sight?

From just a flicker in the mind
The thought would twist, consume, then grow
And with each wave, doubt would erode
Til all he knew confirmed his bind

Those ancient paths bore only fear
That, left unchecked, had overflowed
To shatter balance he had known
As shrinking walls began to near

In pebble's bouncethe avalanche
In falling dropthe bursting dam
He gripped the pick, and looming, then
Swung an arc that killed his friend

He barely saw their third had fled
As febrile haze evaporated
And with it, certainty faded
Abandoned now for churning dread

Endless whispers from the void
Each offering narration
He searched the body frantically
And begged for vindication

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Be'lakor - Coherence

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