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Context she's on my mind
For a second learned my lesson and I realign
I can tell ya what ya want but that's not the vibe
So I'm thinking for a minute like I got the time

We take something
We're always taking something
And turn it into nothing
We turn it into nothing

(You're swimming in my veins)
Around your room
(It's not the same without you)
To something blue
She bases what she's drinking on the place and time of day
Says that she loves California but she hates LA

You don't talk about your thoughts now so your mind is mine to read
I've got something in me twisting up screaming time is all I need
What ya think about a conversation?
What ya think about a different line?
What ya think about me and you?
I lost track of time

Альбом Hello, It's You

Bearings - Hello, It's You

Дата релиза: 20.11.2020

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