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I’ve been sleeping on the floor of my closet again
Wishing hopelessness is something I might beat in the end
I’ve been burying it down in my system again
I’m so uncomfortable

Cause safety isn’t saving me
And I can’t decide if I should keep it or just throw it away

I’m so uncomfortable with this skin I’m in
The mirror’s telling me that I’ll never win
It’s so hard to know these days if anybody feels the same
I’d give anything for some company

I’ve been hearing people say they don’t have any pain
They’ve been finding every answer it’s just me that’s insane
I’ve been battling it out with the demons within
I’m so uncomfortable

Give me a sign and give me some love
Cause I can’t decide if I should stay or just get up and run
I’ve been worrying about what’s been tied to my name
I’m just losing every moment when I try to explain
I’ve been burying it down in my system again
I’d give anything

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Beartooth - Below

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Beartooth - хардкор-панк-группа из США, сформированная в 2012 году.
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