Текст песни Being As An Ocean - Catch The Wind

Оригинальный текст песни Catch The Wind

These are dark days
Confusion is running rampant
Fear only fuels the hate
I refuse to be afraid
Won’t let others’ ignorance dictate the path I take
One thing is for sure:
Real connection is dying
Honest love is the cure
Endless springs will cleanse the land,
If we beckon them come forth

Maybe all the pain that comes is just a part of this
Endure the weight
Our bones may break
But we can’t give in
I know that we’ve all been hurting,
But love will heal and mend
Instead of cursing the storm,
Turn and catch the wind

We have all felt our hearts beating
A little faster, ego begs our retreating
(But) if the pain of the pain of another shakes you awake,
There’s no shame in letting your heart break
We can give more than we take
Untouched potential, seal or heal our fate
I know there’s got to be a higher meaning
In digging in when we feel like fleeing

We all have suffered
We have all been bruised
Once we choose to give up
Is when we lose
We can’t hold back the water
But we can learn how to swim
Don’t be tossed by Life’s storms
When you catch the wind