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Prepare for the fall out, like it’s the end of days
Unless we turn the page, we’ll be alone again
Aggressors connected, the cracks expose the weak
Blood boils in the mouth for only iron speaks

What you sow, you will reap
Now hear the cries as the martyrs weep

This is not a war, it’s a victory
I’ve looked into the eyes of misery
Cover up the truth spread hypocrisy
From nothing you came, and into nothing you’ll return

The ashes of ambition, scatterings of grey, fall away
Dance through dusk and into day
These puppets cry misery, then slowly decay
This is not a war, it’s a victory

Into nothing, a desperate plea for change
Into nothing, with jaded eyes we gaze, upon the end of days

These cycles are repeating, it’s left a sickening taste
Despite the consequence, we show no fear
We are the curse that spreads through the depths of the earth
Let chaos ascend
Behold salvation as its stripped away from you

We’ve thrown ourselves into the void, set free to end the pain
They’re praying the blood will wash up in the rain …

From nothing you came
And into nothing you’ll return.

Альбом Fracture

Bleed From Within - Fracture

Дата релиза: 29.05.2020

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