Текст песни Bodysnatcher - Never Homesick

Оригинальный текст песни Never Homesick

Collections collecting dust
Iron turned to rust

Existence, I’m just getting by
Subsistence, you didn’t even try

I hope you live
Knowing that you let me down
A long life full of shame
You’ll never change

A home now unknown
Now you’re all alone

A never has been
Phony fucking prick
You’re not a man
You’re why I’m never homesick

An inconvenience to you is all I was
This can’t be undone
If only she knew what you’d become

Last words unheard
You selfish cheap coward
You were meant to father figure
But stood with your back turned

I can’t wait until you hear these words
I hope it stings and you feel it burn
It’ll bring a smile to my face
Open the top drawer
Load your gun and take a taste

Альбом This Heavy Void

Bodysnatcher - This Heavy Void

Дата релиза: 31.01.2020

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