Текст песни Born A New - World Of Black

Оригинальный текст песни World Of Black

I’ve been here way before
And yet it still feels like i haven’t left
I can’t tell if i feel the same
And it’s been weeks since i’ve finally felt sane
Years come and go, but the memories stay the same
Losing yourself is insane
Alot in my head, a lot in my veins
Feeling like i fucked up
The sky will stay black
And it won’t change back
Losing sight, i’m losing my own mind
Picking myself up again
Just to fall back fucking down
I guess i love pain
These skies are still up in black
And i don’t think it’ll ever change
Ever fucking change
So you can save your breath, no one is giving you any
I hear the sound of death
Now feel the wrath of a fucking menace
My mirrors show strangers
All these motherfucking demons wanna see me fall