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Hollow hell
Finding a way through this haze
Catalyst of hate controlling me
Manipulating what I perceive to see
Please leave me be
Don't make me do these things
I want to break

Give me the solution
Pure vile emotion
Seeping this pollution
I cannot contest this rage

Driven into execution
I mark them in detest
Don't lock them behind bars
Stick them through their chest
And watch them breathe their last fucking breath

Shame on your fucking life
Get on your knees and pray for the knife
No running away from your goddamn lies
I will
Break your spine

Take this fucking knife
Let the cold steel of the blade burn

What will you find in this addiction?
Prepared, inducing your pain for the endgame
Barely alive from this addiction
But only deadweight

On a life like yours

Give me a reason not to bring back the noose
Watch them swing as we sever their breed
Cut the bloodline
They have no honour
They have no pride

I'll see to it
Even if it's my demise
No more

I will be the one to see you through death's door

See you fall straight into darkness
The pale stare of death will be
Glaring back into your eyes
Let the silence consume the filth
You will all die the same
Your name will rot in shame
Feel the burn

Scream my fucking name
I am cold inside
I will stain your name
You vermin
Drenched in the blood of all your kind

Альбом The Hand Of Violence

Bound In Fear - The Hand Of Violence

Дата релиза: 16.08.2019

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