Текст песни Bouquet - Southpaw

Оригинальный текст песни Southpaw

The day becomes a fog
The sun imploded in the east
And I can’t see the road I’m driving on or feel the floor beneath my feet
I sit and watch the clock
As the ambulance it flees
Now I’m sure, now I’m certain
That time doesn’t heal a thing

It just dulls the blade.
I kiss your head and hold my breath.
I thought,
If I held your grey skin long enough
The color would come back,
But it never did

And that’s the saddest part of love
We only see it when it leaves
It’s all in moments, it’s all in pictures, all in distant memories
That we can never seem to hold
As they’re sitting in our hands
I can’t touch you
I can’t feel you
I can’t find the strength to stand

Taller than I am as I watch my mother cry.
Your daughter, she talks about an afterlife.
One that I don’t know, but, one I hope you find.
Wherever you are, whoever you’re with, I just hope it sees you right.

I should’ve seen you when I could.
I just couldn’t drive the five f***ing minutes it took to get to your house from mine.
And now I’m left to process; now I’m left to forgive myself.
And pretend I tried to make the most of the time I was given.

I search for you in wind
You’re my cardinal
Point me in the right direction
My left
With love we leave
Find peace; find rest

(Sun up on the morning of May 15th.
I got the news on Beverly and sped into a parking lot.
Grandma handed me the shirt you left me with a picture of a bass on it.
I always took for granted all your subtle ways of bonding.
I drove with the windows down listening to Creedence and Cool Change.
My left hand still writes the words the way yours would strum the strings .
We couldn’t have a funeral.
I hope the songs we sang suffice the ceremony.)