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Оригинальный текст песни Escape The Silence

You’re alone in the night where the dark reveals the light
In these woods and out of sight he denies the hate inside
What you see but you can’t hear, it will never disappear
bloody wounds but you're alive still your eyes are filled with tears.

From behind the veil, there’s no regret only defeat,
it's the remnants from the ashes, the heart of the beast.

Escape the silence from out of the pain,
and when you rise, you’ll live again,
but for all the fears, this is the end!

Blackened eyes staring at you, hold your tears and try to hide,
in the dawn you realize, the man-eater comes alive.
All the dead are left behind, a wicked curse he brought to life,
now he's dead on the wheel, but the bloody wounds will never heal.

All's lost in life, I praise the pain, I'm close and by your side,
What do you fear, when I'm comin through there's no one saving you

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Brainstorm - Wall Of Skulls

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