Текст песни Brainstorm - Turn Off The Light

Оригинальный текст песни Turn Off The Light

You lost your mind, your common sense, obtain your ignorance
A second of your time and we'll come closer to the end
Twisting together a crown of thorns
Building strength from what's inside, prevent your suicide

Inside the vault, you're down the drain
Got nothing left to fear
Inside the walls there's no despair
But when we're gone, you're locked inside
I'll turn off the light

Stacking up the walls that hide your feelings from within
I hope that when we find the kеy you know where to begin
Connеcting together the sound of horns
Now see the grin behind my face, like a serpent of disgrace

I know how sorrow creeps when there's temptation all around
How can I see it all again, we're on a journey to the end

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Brainstorm - Wall Of Skulls

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