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Who am I?
the fear is sinking in
your hands are getting colder as my talents wearing thin
all I ever wanted was the space to put my head
you took my need to be loved and you hung me from a bridge I'm your poster, I'm your trend, I am your lover, am I your friend?
36 minutes of your time
please just let me just change your mind
if I sang the right words would you decide to stay, please stay
can i make it out
will i make it out
is there any point whats the fucking point
all my days are wasted dreams
I know that's not the type of thing you wanna hear from me i'll cut my words in pieces if it's what'll help you sleep
I’m not drowning and I'm happy
hidden in the shadows
of someone else's money stacked so tall
it blocks the show
the boy who's on a string
hoping that the crowd will never know
but who am I
what's my purpose
dry your eyes pull the curtain were selling sadness
Well aren't you worthless? don't you trust me?
don't you want this?
Can I make it out?
will I make it out?
Is there any point? whats the fucking point?

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Broadside - Into The Raging Sea

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