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I stand here battered and broken
The ground swallowed me years ago
When I returned I wasn’t recognisable
Now I’m wondering would I be better off below
Will the wires ever uncross and give me the freedom just enough
To regrow my own skin but God I’m good at giving in
Broken image I am fallen.
Drifting, searching for a name
Did I hear them?
Are they calling?
Or am I living with the shame
It seems I’ve run as far as I can go
Hide the warning signs swiftly as they start to show
Breathe in quick, hold your breath
Show the world the lie, that you’re really not sick
The veil has fallen now you’re suffering for it

Альбом Cannibal

Bury Tomorrow - Cannibal

Дата релиза: 03.07.2020

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