Текст песни By The Thousands - Cold Spots

Оригинальный текст песни Cold Spots

Could you believe that they never left
Through all the years
Still an image that can’t reflect
I can hear your steps
The further you get
Draws them closer to your shallow breath

Got the chill in your spine
Like something’s walking near behind
Now paralyzed

I can’t seem to break
Away from this state
Something’s calling to me
It even knew my name

How’d you get left behind
Did you sense the fear in their eyes
Feed off their tortured minds
Now paralyzed

I found a curse in you
Scared petrified
Can’t move along
Go alone
Can’t leave your side

I see you in my peripheral sight
But only in the dead of night
I’m paralyzed
Can’t move along
Go alone
Can’t leave your sight

I can’t believe
They’ve been here this whole fucking time

Cold spots fill these halls at night
Stuck frozen to the ground

I can feel a ghostly breath upon my neck
That ugly sound
Echoes through me now

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By The Thousands - Dead Matter

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