Текст песни Caesarean - Carte Blanche

Оригинальный текст песни Carte Blanche

Do as we say, think as we do.
Question nothing, obey the few of us.
The one's who lead you to the end of your days.
Your life's worth nothing but to die as a slave.

Corroded throats, the hoarse will not be heard,
in turn their passing will not be mourned.

Blistered to the bone.

Wasting your life away as they watch you fucking die.

Wasting your life away x2

Do as we say. Think like we do.
Question nothing. Who the fuck are you?

Bloodshot stares withered with regret. Time bleeds you out.
Cold and still. Eyes wide open. Buried in your doubt.

Peasants Collapse under the throne of lies.
Gold paint peeling right in front of their eyes.
Only scars left of your kingdom's last breath.
Blood from cracked tongues. Condemning you to death.

Your hidden failures are shallow graves.
A hollow vessel engulfed by waves.

Let them rot.

You can take two numbers and add them up
no matter what you get you will be deemed corrupt.