Текст песни Cardijum - Leech

Оригинальный текст песни Leech

The crux of my life seems to culminate
Rotting in a cell, crippled by disease unknown
My sins only grow, as I become clear

All of my self drawn fallacies, have come to be true
Blind to actuality, my mind is unknown

Falling from this throne of septic filth
I will dine in the grace of my victims
Too foolish to see through my bloodshot eyes

A cripple held high, yet drowning at sea
I can feel my blood begin to boil
Having been too far gone from what keeps me alive

I will seduce you, to consume you
I am diseased, blindly, guided by nothing

Visionless I can no longer sustain this life
Falling out of touch with reality
Crippled by anxieties that will take me slow

Kicking out this chair beneath my feet
Running out of breath how can this be

I’m dying, I am dying