Текст песни Cardijum - Sleep

Оригинальный текст песни Sleep

Born with malediction, a hunger to quell
Forever bound now it's joined at the helm
Choking on ashes that build in of your lungs. For everything so high strung.

Your lives are in guilt. Still you all drown in your own filth. Imminent oppression of a true discretion. Is a valuable informal lesson.

Falling deeper this is my last resort.
To take this helm and reside from which i was born.
Initiate and wither in decay.

The cold bite it stings
Beckoning it's sickening
Nauseated by the pulse to resonate tranquility.
Once you realize the cost of eternal sleep.

A notion to the devotion gives you an underlying emotion. This is a commonly misconnection of a perpetual acceptance.
Bring forth entities of this human blasphemy. These demons caged. Now it’s time to set them free.

Falling deeper this is my last resort.
To take this helm and reside from which i was born. Sink your teeth into the depths of your heart. Black out what this life has brought you. Rip it all apart.

This is your future.
A guidance to refinement.
An extraction in adaption that has conveyed in abstraction. This human nature of refraction tormented by the utmost visual prowess of contraption. As it’s getting closer, crafting a disease.
This sleep paralysis is fortified enough to bring me to my knees.

Tell me will i comply this is my demise.
Chaotic neutral alternative
Tell me now, is it worth it?
Standing in your blood, can't you see?
Your fate was decided the moment you crossed me. Dressed in the fire, the desire to set it off. Forever you both shall go blindly.

Set fire to the ones who never believed in you.
Say your prayers for it’s a long way down the path of despair. Know your place for it will only vaste great when the time has come to realize your deviant fate.

Oh how you’ve always been so blind.
There’s no need to compromise.
For all your dreams will be versified. You’ve made your choice. Welcome to the shadow realm where everything is oblique.
Rest easy scion. For it is now time to go to sleep.