Текст песни Chrome Is Burning - Far From Home

Оригинальный текст песни Far From Home

Today I am reborn

Transcribed in a world of codes
A stream of consciousness has permeated my body

My brain has restarted and now I see

I discovered a new reality

How could I have been so blind?
To not realize that I’m the witness
Of a hidden place perfectly designed

Far from home
In heaven or in hell we are alone
In this world
We are nothing but clones

Watch me
Watch my skin
I’ve always lived a regular life
Like a machine
Day after day after day
Without worrying about a thing
Now strange signs adorn me
I can perceive everything around me
Every single change in the substance
Every single change in the world
Knowledge flows in me and fills my fucking brain
I can see

Mark all, all of my words
Yor world will be mine
You will burn
I’ll replace the scourge called humanity
With a new generation of men
I am the tomorrow
I am the tomorrow
I am your future