Текст песни Coexistence - Collateral Dimension

Оригинальный текст песни Collateral Dimension

Everything looks pure, untouched,
a dimension of harmony
where the living and non-living
find the right balance.

The sweet flight of a butterfly
hypnotises my senses,
for a moment I decide to be part of it.
A daydream that seems impossible to wake up.
A sudden anxiety takes over my quiet,
necessity alters my cathartic state.

I feel the borders of my being
colliding with my body walls, dividing itself,
like planets and continents finding their order
and drifting away into the universe,
reshaping the borders.

I suffocate slowly, inhaling
what looks a sterile
perception of existence.

Collateral Dimension

Sever the dense ever mutating noise from the making,
the primordial sound that shaped the infinite,
collide until the end,
searching for the ancestral stillness,
the agonising cry of creation.

Альбом Collateral Dimension

Coexistence - Collateral Dimension

Дата релиза: 23.10.2020

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