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Princess Bride and True Romance were not just movies to me
They gave me a feeling that true love is not just allegory
Then I found out the hard way that happiness comes at such an incredible cost
It took us so long to realize it was stolen from us, we had previously thought it was lost
We took pride in being lepers and pariah royalty
Until we were turned into the people we weren't, from being shamed so unanimously
No one could admire when we walked the highest wire from the ground it just looks cavalier
Instead of cheering us on they pulled the net out to infect us with their envy and fear
A beautiful woman with a heart of gold
Was outcast because of what she sold
When you're able sell the fulfillment of dreams
People call it snakeoil money making schemes
So fuck all of you that chose to stand above us
And thanks to our friends that were there to love us
And I'll call you all out cuz your indecency
Comes from sexism, shame and clear jealousy
And you're not getting off so easily
We treated everyone good so we never understood why we became so hated
Was it because we saw the world differently and the absurd life we created
The friends we could count on one hand turned into sand when we reached out
Were all the laughs that we shared just canned
We never dreamed we'd ever have to live our lives without all of you
And I guess I'm just naive, because I never expected
That the woman I loved could be so disrespected
By her fair leather friends dishonorable shit talkers
And mine who are just conservatives that think they're punk rockers
The truth is that they couldn't stand our sexual feats
We soared on trapezes while they sat in cheap seats
And the hardest part is when we lost the love we had
Our so-called families said they're so sorry, but they're really just glad
And how we both got had is so spectacularly sad
That something that was once so perfectly euphoric
Is now just a song that's painfully, historic
But that's how life goes
The most incredible ballerinas at some point have to take a bow
Step down and realize that they'll never get on their toes again
But how many people can say, they didn't just dance in, They lived a ballet

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