Текст песни Constant Hunger - If Words Are Silver

Оригинальный текст песни If Words Are Silver

They look without their eyes.
Pretend to watch but don’t see a thing.
So many words, too few meanings.
Talking nonsense seems so easy.
You should know your tongue is not the only organ you can use.
If your opinion really matters critical thought is your first step.

If words are silver silence is golden.

Judgement seems free for all, ponderation is harder to find.
So many noses must be so long.
A lot just don’t see beyond them.
Stop losing your mind, start searching sense in your life.
Destroy your walls, build a bridge.
Life has so much to teach.

From now on think more than twice before talking.
It is not a threat, it’s just about respect.
Why is it so hard to coexist between ourselves?
Remember this when you are on the opposite side.

If words are silver silence is golden.