Текст песни Cory Marks - Better Off

Оригинальный текст песни Better Off

Can’t close my eyes it’s been two weeks
My stomach rumbles I just won’t eat
Got you on my mind you’re still in my bed
We’re kissing goodnight and you never left
You call me I fall you don’t love me at all
Hell babe you never did

You don’t seem to answer me when I call
But you want me to catch you every time you fall
Cause you know I’ll always be around
You’re kissing me I’m reading between the lines
You can’t hide the lying in your eyes
You swear it’s the last time could we just talk
I think I’m better off

Driving around trying to clear my head
Turn the radio up it’s our song again
Just want to be alone but you’re blowing up my phone
Don’t wanna turn around I know you’ll let me down
You call me I fall you don’t love me at all
Yeah babe here we go again

I’m a rock you’re a rolling stone
I’m better off
Here living on my own
I’m better off never seeing you again
I’m better off better off
I'm better off