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Оригинальный текст песни Undeletable

Nothing can stop the way we feel
Strong as iron, strong as steel
Yea it's the real deal
Good as the words we win
Our destiny is a good one filled with joy and filled with fun. You and me number one
And there's nothing wrong with that
Unstoppable yea that's us
Untoppable 3 of us
Unbeatable undilutable yea that's right

Sing the praises of all who tried
We've got ourselves on our own side
Happiness will happily be our guide and we'll never be lost
Yes sir yes ma'am never ever lost
Into good fortune we have been tossed
And that's right where we want to be
Where we're gonna stay
Unstoppable yeah that's us
Untoppable 3 of us
Unbeatable Undeletable and adorable
Yea that's right

But this is when our let's get started
Apple pie is what we have carted
No ma'am yes sir never ever lost
Happiness will be our guide
Let the good times now begin
Stand up for your smile it's time to win
Do it now

Unstoppable untoppable yea that's us
Unbeatable Undeletable 3 of us
We win

Альбом Country Westerns EP

Country Westerns - Country Westerns EP

Дата релиза: 18.06.2021

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