Текст песни Court Order - Poor Exuse

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I had to explain it again
Only to repeat myself
Is there any one left
To hear my silent cries?

A lifetime spent dreaming
Visions from a world that never existed

We get programmed to replace a device
Finding time in nothing
to explain what we need

Don’t need direction to finish dead last
Don’t need a mirror to look at my past

Work, deny, defy
Find those willing to stand by
In the endless fight
For what you know to be right

In the end, when you put it all to bed
What will the voices say inside your head?

If you know it’s on you, abandon the voices
of personal betrayal

Light your house on fire
Break every rule
We’ll be the ones in the end who are doomed

Альбом Court Order

Court Order - Court Order

Дата релиза: 07.08.2020

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