Текст песни Covey - Cut On The Crease

Оригинальный текст песни Cut On The Crease

I never know if I’m in control
Or if my actions are dictated
by my choices to this day
Its overwhelming in a subtle kind of way

But I just want to be consumed
and start fresh with this knowledge I’ve acquired
toseek help when I needed it

I’d tell my parents not to stick it out for us
So I don't isolate myself at 16 and bury this underneath

I know you’re trying to mend this
But don't pretend like you know me well
I hate to say it but the damage is done

I learnt to live without dependency 
And all it did was leave me fucking lonely
And function solely for the purpose of one

There's too many cases out there for me to count
And we just sit in silence as the damage amounts
It rips and tears us apart
And It wont hit hard until it's too late
So I should just take some time
And try to fix what is left
Before i'm old and alone, filled with regret

Альбом The Class of Cardinal Sin

Covey - The Class of Cardinal Sin

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