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Sex, Death and the Infinite Void.
The very thoughts we’re taught to avoid,
I breathe them out as you breathe them in.
My rent-a-heart is overdue.
I’m such a disappointment to you.
We’re 30 now we should have thought this through.

And at night we’d get so drunk.
We’d try to feel nothing at all.

All my friends hurt.

Each day I awake to the death of a dream,
that I wont mourn; loss becomes routine.
I’m breathing in to counts of ten.
My confidant my dearest friend,
I watched you grow as you watched me bend.
Then cried myself to sleep again.

Now you drift in this reality.
You lost your way somewhere with me.

Getting high has got us all so low.
I’m so sorry if I’ve failed you.
You know I love you so.

Альбом Sex, Death & The Infinite Void

Creeper - Sex, Death & The Infinite Void

Дата релиза: 31.07.2020

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