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Оригинальный текст песни World Needs Mosh

Doctor orders
you need to relax
Maybe smoke a joint
And dig Kenny on the sax

Tried CBD
But went back to THC
Excuse me doctor
(We know our medicine)

A friendly violent mayhem
The only thing we need
Burn the doubts in the pit
Dance until you bleed

My elbow to your ribs
Your knee against my head
A whole lotta fucking noise
Piercing through the brain
It's mosh

United by the call
The world needs mosh
The world needs mosh
What the world needs now is mosh

Sit down now, time for us to speak
We heard a million times your whiny little speech
Gandhi had its way, we pack a different feel
We share this bond
We will never kneel

Let's make a conclave
Papa Het will be the pope
Tom Araya is on the ballot
Don't wait
Register now to vote

Who needs mosh?

The zoomers on tik tok
The boomers on facebook
They need mosh


Communion comes through this
A trust beyond their reach
Feeling alive, no boundaries here
All prejudice under siege

Those who make the law
Those morons on tv
Old ladies at the store
They'll learn what the world needs now
They need mosh
Your close relatives
They need mosh
Those you idolize
They need mosh
Your Mom is a thrasher
She knows what the world needs now
It's mosh x2
Fucking mosh
What the world needs now is mosh

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Crisix - The Pizza EP

Дата релиза: 10.09.2021

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