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Оригинальный текст песни Atlas

Look down into the void, I've been here for so long
Wandering through despair
But I accept my place and time
For I am the bearer of skies

At the place of stranded dead whales
I walk this burden with a colossal pleasure

One that shall not be easily excused
Descending into madness like an adrift rotten asteroid, always falling

Lash me with memories, give me the world to keep afloat.
I’ll face fate with no regrets, no need to mourn, the remorse shall not be removed

Punishment means lesson learnt
All the lies were self-treachery
Now I sit on the picture of the decadence, throne of my repentance
And Eternal pleasure

Everything seems to be the same, and nothing is different
Bring me out of deathly grounds.
Agonize my aching heart
Put me back to whence I came

Альбом Mara

Cult Of Lilith - Mara

Дата релиза: 04.09.2020

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