Текст песни Culted - Black Bird

Оригинальный текст песни Black Bird

Burn the temple, a new dawn will fade
The pillars of Saturn will falter
Crumble beneath the flame
Walking through fire, Phoenix reborn

Through the ashes of the world
We usurp the throne
Raising the mirror sun

Bringer of light
Black bird bringing the shadows
Let murder descend
We shall never worship

Black cough, black earth

We sour the air to cleanse the earth
Poison the blood to clear the mind
Harsh addiction to bury the pain
Subdue the thought to endure the lash

Endure the lash to conquer the throne
This goat's womb full of maggots
We pick it clean to feed the young
New black feathers to cover the crown

Альбом Nous

Culted - Nous

Дата релиза: 26.02.2021

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