Текст песни Dagger Threat - Jaded

Оригинальный текст песни Jaded

nihility is what’s bothering me
so many issues sick of how the world turns
my head won’t rest until the break of dawn
night after night, after night, after night
sleep deficiency my whole body’s an ache
screaming at the walls cause people cannot relate

I’m so jaded
I feel jaded
Fucking close to the void

you think you know me but I beg to fucking differ

two faced and ruthless – this world is lost
and no impact to change it - sink to insignificance

at night I’m dreaming the sun will never rise
eternal darkness, the earth is going blind
mother forgive me I’m sure I tried my best
this world is turning itself to a bitter end

I feel lost in here all alone
I don’t want to bear this world no more

sincerely with tired eyes,
a heavy heart.