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I need to take some time off, focus on my brand
Learn to love myself for who I am
Find my destiny written in sand
And let it all go to my head

See I feel my slit get wrist tight
Written on my mitten
Feeling angry go go night night
Me go feed the pigeons

Well some of you guys asked about
How I fit this in my mouth
Well there's link below my pout
Entrepreneurs rule, yeah!

It was real real nice to meet you
Hope you learned what I had to teach you
Got my chips stacked up to beat you
If the world doesn’t defeat you
If the mob doesn’t delete you
Nobody even really needs you anyway

Remember when we felt alive
No I don't think so
Remember when we almost died
That never happened
Remember when you tried to kiss her
But she was gay and liked your sister
I don’t remember at all, I guess sometimes lyrics lie

Read some Plato, Faulkner, read some Rand
Photos on Mount Fuji in Japan
Went to Paris, Rome and Kyrgyzstan
And let it all go to my head

Now I’m all cultured and educated,
Quite qualified to be the one that made it
I got what it takes to inspire you

Sorry didn’t mean to flex
Just sit back down and learn from the best
I was born with a silver spoon
Feeding me my pure fortitude
Confidence and stamina
I’m focused like a camera
I’m a god damn animal
Everything comes natural

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Dance Gavin Dance - Afterburner

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